Tire-related knowledge
post in 04/21/2017

                                                             FAQ for Tire Use

Q: What is the function of the patterns on the tires?  
A: Tire patterns are important providers of tire driving force, braking force and steering power. Its main function is to increase the friction between the tread and ground, prevent tires from slipping, improve the elasticity between the tread and the ground, and increase the braking effectively. Therefore, it directly affects the tire traction, braking, turning, drainage and noise performance.
Q: How does tire pressure affect tires? 
A: The pressure is the life of the tire. Too large or too small tyre pressure will seriously affect its service life, while car’s driving performance will also be adversely affected. Insufficient pressure will cause excessive wear on the shoulders, at the same time the deformation on sidewall will be accelerated in the driving process, tire structure and strength will also be adversely affected, then this case will result in early failures such as “cracking” and “delamination”. Too large pressure will cause excessive wear on the tread center, in the meantime it will increase the rigidity of the tire and the risk of puncture. In addition, too large or too small tyre pressure will reduce tire’s contact area with the ground, and reduce the handling performance as well which will result in slip, flick and other dangerous situations.
As the tire pressure will become lower slowly in the natural situation, therefore, the tire and spare tire’s pressure should be checked regularly  per month. If the tire pressure is not enough, the tire should be pressurized with the pressure data provided by the manufacturer.
Q: What’s the main difference between the snow tires and all-season tires on their respective functions and the tire structure ?
A: Snow tire is a kind of tire that is specially suitable for low temperature and snow conditions. In order to maintain good flexibility and friction at low temperatures, the tread rubber adopts a special formula for low temperature resistance and the tread is designed with block patterns on which there are a lot of small grooves. In this way, the snow tires can have good operating and braking performance superior to common tires on the ice-snow roads.
All-season tire is a comprehensive tire which has the features of both summer tires and snow tires. In order to meet the driving needs in different seasons and temperature conditions, it is more complex than the summer tires on the tread pattern design. But because of the need to adapt to dry, wet, high temperature and other factors, therefore, it is more simple on design than the snow tire in the snow, low temperature and other conditions.