Tire-related knowledge
Innovative Technology
post in 04/21/2017

1. Off-road performance
  Strong and powerful tiger claw tread blocks design to strengthen the climbing force on mud pit roads .


2. Durable
  Unique cut-resistant patented formula to ensure tread blocks’ security and persistence performance.
  Up-and-down marginal line design promotes the sporting performance on ice-snow roads better. Irregularly arranged intensive patterns with suction tank design makes water absorption faster. Pattern blocks with vertical and multi-angle combined knife pattern produces more strong braking performance on ice-snow roads. Patented cold-resistant rubber can maintain the flexibility of rubber even in the alpine-cold environment.
3. Drive comfortably
   Flexible rubber formula and 3D stereoscopic pattern combination provides comfortable driving experience and it also has a good noise reduction effect.
   Unique extra strong rubber on the tread makes the pattern solid and strong and ensure that the tire has a good driving and road holding on the mud terrain. Ultra strong cord structure makes the tire have an excellent buffer performance and ensures the driving safety.


4. Strong sidewall
   Reinforced double ply structure on sidewall makes the tire more elastic and reduces the damage caused by poor road conditions. Widened tread design improves the grip performance and eases the impact from the ground. Exaggerated tire teeth on shoulders could provide powerful driving and antiskid property on mud terrain.
5. Stable control
   Reinforced pattern blocks on shoulders and widened tread design expands  the ground contact area and ensures an excellent power of grip and road adhesion. Single directional pattern provides precise handling and sport performance, meanwhile it reduces rolling resistance and fuel consumption.


6. High-speed control
   Wide - angle twill design ensures the pattern is rigid and meanwhile achieves an excellent traction and braking performance. Multifunctional pattern blocks combination on shoulders enhance its rigidity and drainage performance by strengthening outside blocks which are main supporting parts when car makes turns, thereby improving the handling performance on both dry and wet roads.