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Brave and sturdy "charger", a real off-road professional !

post in 10/17/2022

Brave and sturdy "charger", a real off-road professional

All the travel over the mountains

All the trek

It's all about exploring the next mountain

If pursue freedom It is an intinct

So off-road,

Is the most reliable weapon

On the thorny road

COMFORSER Tire——Charger

The bad road calmly through,unimpeded

Every mountains,water can't stop

Move forward freely between rocks and in mud pits

Strong as it,with excellent quality

Drive the rugged and harsh road conditions calmly

THe TA is a certified off-road professional owner

Excellent drive performance and handing performance on the non-paved road

The TA constantly participates in various

cross-country races

Accumulated hundreds of dazzling achievements

Serrated tread tire pattern design

Helps improve tire grip and driving performance

In the bad road also paly

an excellent control performance

Widening pattern trench block pattern design

Stronger pressure resustance

and better mud drainage capacity

Improve wetland drive performance 

and braking performance 

· High rigidity formula 

and high strength band beam layer

Make it more strong,

cutting resistant,

impact resistance,durable

Belive in the dreams of off-road people


and will always accompany you to explore the next territory

Release in the heart of the endless wild nature!