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The best off-road partner, start a new exploration together!

post in 09/19/2022

If constant exploration is human nature

then off-road is

the most precise key

to finding the magic box to unleash passion

The rougher the road, the more beautiful the conquer

to conquer places that have not been reached

Release the heart that yearns for freedom


Comforser off-road tire series

 Shining debut 

Become the best off-road partner with strength

Guard every off-road dream!

Comforser off-road tire series

 Entry-level off-road dream

 Off-road novice,urban explorer


AT Tire - Comforser Tire CF1100

Designed for All Terrain

Universal all-season road conditions

Unique 3D block pattern design

Protect tires from damage in rough road conditions

The perfect combination of speed stability and off-road traction

Provides optimum performance on and off-road

Inside and outside the city,full-time almighty  

Unlock the new realm of Changyi off-road

Advanced Off-Road Dream

Off-road youngster,off-road challenger


MT Tire-Comforser Tire CF3300

Uni-directional tread blocks

increases traction in muddy conditions

Achieve the perfect balance of drainage and sludge

3D sidewall strengthens tire shoulders and prevents eccentric wear

strong off-road performance is impeccable

Cured tire body protection

Increased control and passability

Across the wild,no fear of challenges

Vivid interpretation of hardcore off-road charm!

Super Premium Off-Road Dreams 

Off-Road old gangster,Deep Modification


MT Tire-Comforser Tire CF3000

ALL series rim protection design

Wide running surface design improves tire grip

Strong shoulder and sidewall design effectively improves rock climbing abiltiy

Multi-compound tread compound design provides excellent traction

improves tire cut and tear resistance

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