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"Fenghuo Chariot" 4WD Rock Climbing Challenge

post in 09/13/2022

There are such a group of people in the world

They are not bound by nature

have amazing courage

Excellent driving skills

In the face of the unknown, always eager to try

Facing difficulties, facing challenges without fear

The first "Fenghuo Chariot" 4WD Rock Climbing Challenge was held in the world-class off-road holy land Hook Road. This is an adventurous journey, feel the speed and passion in the Gobi desert. This is world-class rock climbing challenge, with the most passionate off-road speed and the purest off-road feeling.

Off-road rock climbing, tough guy style

Unleash the Wild on Hook Road

Feel the speed and passion with RA8000!

Rock climbing, endless

Super climbing performance and extreme durability

For professional driving and off-road enthusiasts


-- Three-edged military pattern design

The design concept originates from the most classic three-edged military pattern, which symbolizes the tough style of the soldiers and the climbing concept of endless journeys.

-- Super climbing performance

The angular block design can perfectly fit all kinds of rock blocks and handle extremely complex rock road conditions.

-- Thickened sidewall design

The three-layer thickened carcass don’t fear the protruding sharp stones and passes through various rough terrains with confidence.

--Transformers shoulder design

Provides powerful protection like "Optimus Prime" in Transformers.

When the explored genes emerge in the body,

Leave now!

Unlock the wild genes that have been sealed for a long time

Sharpen tough guy ambitions


Fearless challenges and gallop forward!