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Autumn tour, start now

post in 09/05/2022

In the end of summer and the beginning of autumn

The hot weather has said goodbye

Come with Roadcruza RA3200, set off on your own drive

Towards the vast Inner Mongolia

To find out what autumn looks like

Xilin Gol Grassland

In early autumn, the Xilin Gol grassland in Inner Mongolia

was quietly dyed into light green, dark green and goose yellow

Faded summer green grass

The grassland in autumn shows its unique magnificent beauty.

Self driving tips:

Roadcruza RA3200 has unique 3D gravel removal design

Effectively remove gravel, provide greater traction and passability in complex road conditions

Let you gallop freely in the vast wilderness

Indulge in the beautiful autumn scenery of the long river and sunset


Arshaan in autumn is like a colorful ink oil painting

This is the representative work of the extreme autumn colors of the Daxing'an Mountains

Looking around, blue sky and clear water, yellow and green forests

The autumn colors all over the mountains are refreshing and pleasant, making people linger and forget to return

Self driving tips:

Thanks to the excellent puncture resistance of RA3200

Thickened and reinforced design at the vulnerable shoulder and sidewall

Prevent accidental tire cuts

Even hard stones can't stop the progress

You just go through boldly and make a smooth road in the mountains

Kubuqi desert

The vast Kubuqi desert

Gives people a shock from the heart here

It's hot in summer, cold in winter

Mild climate only in autumn

It is the best season to set foot in the desert

Self driving tips:

RA3200 Bionic Pattern Design

Large gaps between bionic blocks

Provides good mud and grime removal

Let the tire quickly clear the sand between the blocks

It’s perfect for crossing the desert

Drive into the desert hinterland

And conquer the endless rolling dunes

Autumn is a season wrapped by tenderness and comfort

Roadcruza tires embark on an endless journey with you

Drive all the way to discover the unprecedented autumn scenery.