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Rainforest adventure, With it, you dare to go wild!

post in 08/29/2022

"Drilling" is an attitude

Get into the wilderness and experience the joy of extreme speed!

Get into the mountains and feel the willful rampage!

And getting into the rainforest is the ultimate fun of off-road!

Tree root roadblocks, deep grooves and dangerous slopes, muddy heat - all the time testing the performance of tires and driving skills, making your adrenaline rise straight, with unprecedented stimulation and pleasure

So Wild rainforest - where should we go ?


Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest

Recommended reason:

 It has the only tropical rainforest reserve in China, with magnificent and mysterious natural scenery, as well as a unique folk experience.


Xishuangbanna is hot and rainy all year round, so you need to be prepared for rain at any time. Always need prepare winches and other escape tools.


Hainan Jianfengling Tropical Rainforest

Recommended reason: 

The largest tropical virgin forest in China, and the hottest rainforest cross-country event in China.


The climate of Hainan Rainforest is very hot. Before entering the rainforest, it is necessary to prepare for heatstroke prevention, cool down and rest in time, plan the activity route in advance, and arrange the time reasonably.

Conquering the tropical rainforest is almost the dream of all off-road players. Rainforest off-road not only puts forward high requirements for players' driving skills, but also a severe test for the tires used .

Slippery mud

The soil in tropical rain forests has extremely low sand content and high viscosity, so vehicles have extremely high requirements on the mud discharge performance of tires. Comas Tire Thruster has excellent mud traction, using a block pattern design with widened pattern grooves, stronger pressure resistance and drainage and mud discharge ability to discharge mud.

Sharp gravel

As a tire for the champion of the China Cross Country Championships, the Thruster has event-tested impact resistance, wear resistance and puncture resistance, which can handle even the most demanding road conditions.

Unknown pool

The depth of the pool cannot be discerned by the naked eye, and various dangers may be lurking. Tires that can withstand all kinds of complex roads will inevitably have their own "life gate" - sidewalls. The Thruster has multiple layers of sidewall patterns to protect the carcass, and the zigzag tread pattern design improves tire strength while ensuring grip and driving performance.

You can’t touch the extreme of off-road without digging into the rainforest,

stalking the rainforest, and fighting with the mud.

Every section of the rainforest, Comforser tire- Thruster will fight side by side with you and break your own limits.