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post in 07/29/2022

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China has a vast territory and many scenic routes. If you want to see the amazing natural beauty, breathe fresh air, feel the multi-ethnic customs of China, and experience the unique multi-geological road surface, the first thing we yearn for is the most beautiful scenic road in China - the Sichuan-Tibet line .

Sichuan-Tibet Route 328, known as the most American road in China. It starts from Chengdu and ends in Lhasa. It has two routes, north and south. It is the initial and ultimate dream of all travelers. Every year, countless travelers embark on this pilgrimage route in various ways.

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/Queer Mountain - Gravel Mountain Road/

The majestic queer mountain is located in the northern part of the Shaluli mountain system. This mountain is tall, standing on ten 5500 meter peaks around it. Therefore, there is a saying that "climbing the Queer Mountain, the whip hits the sky"

However, the mixed gravel on the mountain road section also brings inconvenience to travel

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/Zheduo Mountain - Winding Road/

Zheduo Mountain has the reputation of "the first pass of Kangba". On the top of the mountain, you can see the Gongga peaks and the mountains are stacked. The Zheduo Mountain route can also be described as a loop of twists and turns, with nine bends and eighteen bends. The best experience is the process of circling over and feeling its beauty in the hardships of climbing.

Comforser brand CF1100 tire is made of polymer material, which is more resistant to cutting. Effectively protect tires from damage in harsh road conditions.

The steering performance of driving is enhanced, and it can also escort the whole family on winding roads


/Gongga Mountain - Wet Mud Road/

Gongga Mountain, also known as Miya Gongga, Gongga means white snow. It is covered with snow all year round. However, the dirt roads in the rainy season often make self-driving tourists feel more difficult.

Comforser brand CF1100 All Terrain tire, the perfect combination of speed stability and off-road traction, provides excellent traction, improves the grip performance on snow and wet roads, and enhances the traction performance of driving.

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