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Mother's Day | Love is the warmest armor

post in 05/16/2022

There is a love in the world

It is the most selfless love

--mother's love

In front of mother's love

All the difficulties and obstacles are shattered by the wind in the face of perseverance.

Let's take a look today

mother in different eyes.


Since I can remember

My mother will stand in front of me in everything

Help me solve every bump in the road

She is the superwoman in my eyes.

Perfect control of paved and non-paved roads

Facing rough and bumpy road conditions.

You can still maintain unprecedented extreme control

High mountains, rivers and canyons, can travel all the way

For all mothers, protect the driving safety of children outside the home.

The mother in the impression is always very stubborn

She don't want to let me be hurt a little by the outside world

And hope I can focus

just be happy all the time.



Innovative use of EU-standard environmentally friendly materials

New ultra-quiet pattern module design

Minimize tire noise and wear

Avoid Noisy Environments for Your Every Drive

Enjoy the fun of driving.



My father told me,

Before my mother gave birth to me, everything would suffer.

Until after giving birth to me as long as it is related to me

She not a single step back

"A woman is soft, a mother is strong"

after having me

Mother is my first armor against the surrounding environment.


Mitsubishi Army Tattoo Design

Super climbing performance is perfectly suitable for all kinds of complex rock conditions

Thickened tire sidewall provides puncture resistance and protection

Can effectively resist impact and cutting

As a child, the mother sheltered the child from the wind and rain

After growing up, ROADCRUZA tires protect everyone

Travel safety for wandering wanderers.


Mother's arms are our softest harbor

drive away all fear

give us a sense of security.



We cast the warmest armor with love

Take off all the troubles of mother

Take her to see the most beautiful scenery.

ROADCRUZA tires, wish all mothers in the world a happy holiday!