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May 1st Go Wild | Discover the hidden treasures around you!

post in 05/09/2022

Coincides with the May Day holiday

Why don't you go to the wild?

But when the experience of being stuck on the road last year emerged

May 1 inter-provincial travel may be difficult to achieve during special periods

Why not take a short urban off-road

Discover hidden treasures around you!


Around Hebei

Guyuan Laozhanggou

For riders in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei

Laozhanggou is undoubtedly a good place for off-road camping

In the off-road circle, it can be described as thunderous

Here the mountains overlap, the valleys are vertical and horizontal

First go to the small stream "speed crossing" to warm up the off-road

Go to the valley and compete with the gravel and quicksand

The best testing ground for junior off-roaders!


Around Chengdu

Ya'an Bald Head


From Chengdu westward to Ya'an and then westward

Go straight to the plateau of more than 3000 meters above sea level

The flat grass on the top of the mountain allows the wheels to play

The Gongga Snow Peak in front and the alpine peony mirror each other

If you are lucky at sunrise

You can also see the Buddha's light at the end of the mountains

after intense off-road

Just to calm down that beating heart.


Around Xi'an

Lintong Lishan

Lishan is located in the south of Lintong District.

As the remnants of the Qinling Mountains of thousands of miles,

In between, the winding road on the

Rapidly climbs with advancing altitude

There are also "Eighteen Bends of Lishan Mountain"

A challenge awaits ahead.

In addition to testing off-road skills, coming to Lishan

You can feel the majesty and majesty of this land even more.


Around Guangzhou

Prince Hill in Huadu

At the junction of the northern part of Huadu District and Qingyuan City

The Wangzi Mountain ravine is deep and dangerous, with a steep slope

Potholes in the pumice section of the road

A test of off-road skills

This is a rare off-road holy land for the people of the Pearl River Delta.

Tripping, towing, climbing mountains, going down reservoirs...

Definitely a different off-road experience


set off

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Strong carcass design

Cured tire body protection

Increased control and passability

Under the protection of such "big feet", you can naturally worry about the steepness of the winding mountain road, the "foot" of the fearless wading road, and the bumps of the gravel road, leaving you only the comfort of integrating into the nature.

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