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Decompression recipes are freshly baked! Release stress and find your true self

post in 05/05/2022

Live in reinforced concrete

Overwhelmed by the tedious routine

There will inevitably result some "urban diseases"

Take this “Healing Recipe” right now

"Prescribe the right medicine" to relieve stress

Find your true self



Disease Name: Choice Phobia disorder

Symptoms: I feel good about everything, but I can't have it all?

Healing Recipe: Drive all the way to the Aizhai Extra Large Suspension Bridge

A bridge suspended at an altitude of 330 meters

across the valley of Aizhai Town in western Hunan

Total length 1073.65 meters

The bottom of the valley is the rushing Deben River

No need to look around here

Just run straight down the road

Feel the perseverance and steadfastness

Usage: Since choosing a path to the end

Of course, make sure you are comfortable

RA4100 Tyres with excellent control, perfect noise shielding

Increase the smoothness of this road to the max


Disease name: Love home syndrome

Symptoms: Slouch every day, the whole bed is the distance you can reach?

Healing Recipe: Go for a free ride on the Naadam grassland

A magical place made of

vast grasslands and volcanoes in Inner Mongolia

What could be more free than crossing an endless prairie?

Here you just need to sigh the exquisiteness of nature

Enjoy the physical and mental pleasure brought by the vast world

Usage: want to be free travel between the prairie and volcanic geology
Must be accompanied by RA1100 Tyres that can perfectly handle all road conditions
Galloping back and forth between the grasslands and the mud


Disease name: Social Phobia

Symptoms: Fear of interacting with people and do not want to deal with complex relationships?

The Healing Recipe: Into the No Man's Land of Hoh Xil

One place hidden between high mountains and high hills
A natural sanctuary for rare wildlife
Has the bluest sky, the clearest lake
Zero contact with nature here
Feel free to express yourself as you are

Usage:Drive an SUV with RA8000 Tyres

Walk alone among mountains and hills

Who says you have to socialize with people?

Feel the animals walking around here

Blend in natural free and unrestrained meaning