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post in 04/25/2022

Some love are meant to be bigger

Not just in valentine’s day

Not just showing by flowers

Beloved friend

I am your versatile partner

 All terrain CF1100

We have been together for four seasons

There’s something , that I’ve always wanted to let you know

While in this blooming spring, please give me a chance... 



Either you are a tough man who take care of the hold family

Or powerful lady in office

In my heart, you are the friend that I always wanted to protect

Do whatever I am capable of

To protect you , everyday, every ride

From spring to summer, from autumn to winter

Perfect tread laid-out designed

Outstanding performance

Suitable for all seasons, all terrain



I might not know much of those sweet talks

But I will always be there for you

When you need to go out for some fresh air

Put everything behind your mind

The only thing we need to do, is just enjoy some peaceful space


All terrain customized

Perfectly combine with speed stability and off-road powerful traction



There’s always some noise from outside

All I want to say is, you can control you own life

To be truly yourself

Same like me, I control my own direction easily

On the road, this unique and excellent view would be one of a kind


High technical compound formula

Achieve outstanding wet grip performance

Increase traction level and steering accuracy



We crave for those impromptu trip

Every now and then there’s some excitement vibe call on our mind

I want to say, please put all stress down, just go for it

Where ever is it

I will be your solid partner

Forever looking for most beautiful sights 


3D pattern designed

Effectively protect you from every possible hurt

Guard you safely for hold time

I am CF1100 all terrain tire

Measure our world by tread

Record our path by wheel

Protect you for every ride