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post in 04/18/2022

extreme off-road conditions

Always exciting and surprising

lots of rocky pavement

bumpy hard trail

Even the off-road veteran have to grasp the details

How to get through the rocky road smoothly

A few key points to keep in mind

Fully armed for perfectly safe


If the destination is rocky

Check equipment before departure

Consider adding rock side bars and skid plates

Also ensure the durability of the bumper

Additional protection if necessary

obey orders


Cooperate closely with the navigator when crossing rocky sections

Rock climbing is not something one person can do

The navigator must stand 3-5 meters in front of the car to direct the driving

And choose the angle of the four wheels you can see

The vehicle needs to follow the navigator's gestures

Slowly "climbing" over rocks

Plan your route just right


Chassis height is directly related to the passability of the vehicle

This requires planning driving routes and angles

Make sure the rocks you pass are lower than the chassis

find a route

Try to keep all four wheels on a flat surface

Very often look for rocks at high point

Probably the easiest way to get through tough rocky roads


Slow start Low gear


when climbing a rocky slope

Torque is more important than power

Keeping oil simmering and braking under control is critical

Climb rocks slowly and freely

is a critical element for safe passage through rocks

Off-road driving tips

Fearless of steep rock  Forever Young


Born to challenge


Deltoid military bayonet pattern design

The design concept comes from the most classic deltoid military bayonet, Symbolizes soldier’s tough style and the climbing concept of endless journey.

Super climbing performance

The angular pattern block design can perfectly fit various rock blocks

Master extremely complex rock road conditions

Thickened sidewall design

The three-layer thickened carcass ignores the protruding sharp stones and passes through various rough terrains with confidence.

Transformers tire shoulder design

Provides powerful protection like "Optimus Prime" in Transformers

The journey is endless, the ambition is endless

Explore the way forward with practice

Refresh challenges with experience

The road ahead is long and obstructed

ROADCRUZA tire accompanies you to wreak havoc in the wilderness