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Embracing the changes· Expanding the future丨Shandong New Continent Tire Co., Ltd. wonderful review of the New Year Annual Meeting!

post in 01/25/2022

Years like song, flashy as a dream

January 23 at Qingdao International Academician Park

Shandong New Continent Tire Co.,Ltd

“Embracing the changes· Expanding the future”

2022 Spring Festival great celebration came as expected

SNCTIRE members gathered together

Witnessed a splendid year-end feast

Preparation

Friends who came to the scene carefully arranged the venue, placed small gifts for the annual meeting, and everyone signed in one after another.


The Ceremony Begins

Accompanied by a passionate human-screen interaction opening dance

Kicked off the prelude to the New Year Annual Meeting of Shandong New continent Tire Co., Ltd

The Speech of Annual Meeting

Under the introduction of the host, Guolin Liu, general manager of Shandong New Continent Tire Co., Ltd., delivered the special speech at the annual meeting.

Looking back on the past, 2021 is a year worth remembering. In this year, Shandong New Continent Tire Co.,Ltd. has made significant progress in all aspects. In the continuous development, our pace is firmer and the team is stronger! Our outstanding and hard-working SNCTIRE members used their youth and enthusiasm to answer the "report card", achieved outstanding results and handed in a satisfactory answer sheet.

Looking ahead, we will start a "new journey". In the beautiful year of 2022, we are striding forward with anticipation and passion for progress. We will empower breakthroughs, clarify the sprint goals for the new year, and look forward to a better future together!

  Awards ceremony

The annual awards ceremony is a highly anticipated "traditional" link. The struggles of countless  SNC members have brought together the strength to move forward. This annual meeting awarded the 2021 Sales Elite Award, the 2021 Best Sales Region Award, the 2021 Sales Profit Star Award, and the 2021 Qingdao Office Advanced Individual Award. Everyone is encouraged to forge ahead, bravely move forward, and create greater glories!

 Talent show

The ocean is vast because it admits all rivers. Our comrades come from all corners of our country. They not only have super strong business ability, but also have wonderful performances with unique skills and vitality, which pushed the atmosphere of the whole annual meeting to a climax.

“Youth dance”

 “ Dialect poetry ” 

  “I love to work”  

  “Folk singing”

 “Long frontier ”

 “Wish you prosperity and wealth”

 “Synchronized Swimming”

 “Horse poles”

 “Never give up”

Lucky draw

Of course, the wonderful annual meeting will inevitably have a lottery session to add to the fun

.. Every lottery is very exciting.

 The winning friends

With an unstoppable smile on his face

Looks like the lucky god of 2022

Eyes are locked on you~

Fun games

In addition to song and dance performances, the most exciting games are fun games. Everyone perfectly combines teamwork and fun, and the tacit understanding and reaction that have been cultivated among colleagues over the years are fully displayed in the game. Pushing the live atmosphere to a climax!

Interesting sidelights


In addition, at the end of the show, everyone sang with affection, bringing us one after another beautiful songs. The singing, applause and cheers have been rippling in the venue. The annual meeting had one climax after another, showing the joy and harmony of SNC big family.


Unforgettable tonight, in this happy time, let us remember our original intentions and go far. The annual meeting ended with singing and laughter. In 2022, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, we will use our struggle to create a more magnificent picture.