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There’s always another side of our life

post in 01/18/2022

Get used to travel in the city

Have you ever imaging


There’s another way to live



Yunnan -- Lijiang

Passionately driving in rugged mountain

Get released from national trap

Those who always follow social norms

Might actually never been domesticated



Searching for oasis in the desert

Face challenge to survive in Dunhuang desert

Gansu-- Dunhuang

Away from city and social media

Only sunset over the river in my eyes



Jilin Changbaishan

Get the most simple equipment to conquer snow mountain

Fearless mind to fight with severe cold

Fire on snowy Changbaishan

Light up the wideness deep inside

Not just by imagination

Comforser CF3000 always stand by you

Designed to be with you , to conquer everywhere

Drive in gravel and riptide

Into star river and cloud

Rugged mountain is not a problem

CF3000 3D single direction herringbone pattern

Increase traction power in muddy road condition

Guarantee the most excellent steering performance and stability 

Unique shoulder designed

Wheel protected sidewall

Powerful tread technology

Easily lifting the hold weight of vehicle

Impeccable off-road ability

Grow wilder, for off-road

Let’s take you to the ‘ impossible’ land

Comforser always be with you

For marvelous river and mountain

To explore the unknown and mysterious

Please get on board

let’s go to the top of the world