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Go unbridled and unleash the true "Ambition"

post in 01/10/2022

People often use black and white 

to describe the monotonous life.

Maybe the meaning of life is

on a black and white background

paint your own color.

Step into the mountains and rivers,

Use your eyes to describe a different kind of scenery in the world.

Treat every departure as a battlefield to release yourself.

Comforser off-road AT tire-- CF1000

Take you to unleash your true "ambition".

It will show you how to move forward.

CF1000 off-road tires for all road conditions, fight with you to the end.




The unique shoulder design improves the lateral rigidity of the tire,

provides the tire with superior traction and braking force,

ensures the handling performance of the dangerous road section

 and experiences the infinite passion of off-road.

Abrasion resistance.

Double-layer carcass, strong and durable.

Polymer material, more tear-resistant.

The strong bulge design of the sidewall ensures that the tire has super damage resistance on any road conditions.

Grip ability.

The 3D dimension block design increases the grip on wet and dry roads, specially against potholes off-road, protects the rims from damage under harsh road conditions,

and allows off-roaders to turn rough roads into smooth roads.

Life is more than black and white.

Side by side with Comforser tires, go to the unscrupulous wild.

Paint different colors for life.

 Every unknown scenery

Will give you special inspiration.

Let your life bloom beautiful scene.