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post in 12/07/2021

What kind of experience is traveling alone?

Maybe it’s like an adventure,

When we put aside all the stress in life,

Driving on the highway,

The sight is all scenery

The empty soul is boiling again.


Fantasize about becoming an adventurer,

Continue to explore the excitement of the journey.

The brave goes out on more than just a passion,

More trustworthy partners go hand in hand.

The new upgrade of the wear-resistant series of Comforser tires

Durable --- be your guardian of safety

The new upgrade 










Optimize the rubber formula

Reduce friction between rubber molecules

Significantly strengthen the abrasion performance of the tread compound

While improving the service life

Reduce fuel consumption

Provide economical, environmental, comfortable and safe experience

Upgrade tread performance

Optimize the stiffness of tread blocks

Better improve the wear resistance of tires

As well as the uniformity of the tread, prevent partial wear.

Achieve long-range performance

Comforser tires wear-resistant series

High-level sports tires

Combination of excellent handling performance and extraordinary stability

Fully show its toughness and safety quality

Superior wear resistance and low tire noise

Provide a new era of smooth driving

Born for sports

Whether it’s a childhood dream

Or the perception of life after growing up

The curiosity about the world drives us on the journey

Whether it cross over the "rugged ups and downs"

Or have to drive firmly to the distance

Warmly accompanied by reliable travel partners

Comforser Tires

Escort the journey

Keep the pace of exploration far from stopping