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Self-driving on Sichuan-Tibet Line? Let's go!

post in 11/29/2021

Shangri-La where humans and gods live together

The roof of the world above faith

Seda, a piety place in Sichuan

Wherever you go is full of mystery and unknown

Under the beautiful scenery, there are dangerous roads hidden

Everywhere I go, it’s a contest with myself

The Sichuan-Tibet line where scenery and hardship coexist

 is the ultimate dream of many off-road vehicle owners to conquer the road

Pilgrimage road

The Sichuan-Tibet line starts from Chengdu in the east and ends at Lhasa in the west. It is also part of National Highway G318, via Kangding, Litang, Mangkang, Zuogong and Linzhi etc. Drive on the Sichuan-Tibet line, cross the snow mountains, grasslands and rivers, and start a pilgrimage to wash the soul.

Stunning scenery

"King of Shu Mountain" Gongga Sacred Mountain, "Photographer corridor" Xindu Bridge, "World high city" Litang, "The Last Pure Land of the Blue Planet" Daocheng Yading, "The Devil's Road" 72 turns above Nujiang River, "Little Jiangnan on the Plateau" Linzhi, everywhere you go is beautifu.

Driving between mountains, huge gullies and lakes and valleys, shuttling through countless steep sections, and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in each thrilling journey.

Full of wild strength

In the eyes of tough off-road vehicle owners, the trip on Sichuan-Tibet line is an extreme training of confidence, willpower, and judgment, as well as a comprehensive investigation of physical fitness, mentality, vehicle conditions, and tire performance.

Comforser tire has always adhered to the research and development of high-performance tires since its inception. On the off-road journey, Comforser tires, this "wild-power" off-road tire CF3000, is specially crafted for drivers who love adventure!

Unique block pattern design on the shoulders

It can provide strong driving force for Sichuan-Tibet journey and improve the puncture resistance of tires

Good handling stability

It allows the driver to still be able to control freely in various road conditions such as mud, sand, snow, etc.

3D groove design with single guide pattern

Enhance the tire's resistance to abnormal wear and extend the service life of tires. Even in the face of a variety of complex and severe environments, it can still help drivers break through obstacles and exert their outstanding strength during their trip to Sichuan and Tibet.

Take the Comforser CF3000 for an invigorating cross-country trip immediately, and enjoy the passion and beauty brought by the infinite scenery.