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CF3000, triumph in the winter ride

post in 11/19/2021

Winter is coming, while temperature dropping nationwide

Some places start facing snowy weather, so do we have to stay at home?

‘NO, with Comforser CF3000 , no fear at all’

Endless snow and ice

Winter is here, challenge is here

Comforser CF3000, triumph in the winter ride

Powerful CF3000

Fearlessly conquer snowstorms in winter

Protecting your ride out there

Bring you confidence

Challenge the cold wave

Sporting and passionate

Unique shoulder designed

While perfectly protecting wheel and sidewall

 keep impeccable off-road ability

CF3000 shows perfect performance on regular roads, when driving in complicate condition such as snowy or frozen terrain , still perform excellent in all aspect . Further more, CF3000 could easily adapt various terrain, no limited road condition , even in snowstorm weather . 

Steady and balance, outstanding steering ability

Single direction and herringbone rubber designed

Provide powerful braking and steering performance

Keep steady and speedy in every ride

CF3000 provide powerful braking and steering. Its efficient ability to drain water and mud, upgrade the safety and wear-resisting level, adaptable for snow and mud terrain. High quality traction and off-road ability, give you full confident to explore every beauty in winter, driving safe and happy.

Every off-roader owner

have a passion to explore the unknown

Comforser CF3000 always with you

Explore more exciting life

Enjoy every ride!