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Off-road | The balance of "two-sided life"

post in 11/08/2021


Life and the distance are the two ends of the balance

Equally important, but difficult to balance

However, there are also such a group of tough guys who bravely "fire" on such a choice

Life and distance

They want both

Life and Far Away

Fight the world with fortitude

 Outside, they are warriors fighting boredom

Wilderness and desert are their favorites

Large cargo box, full of supplies

Plus the strong power of tires

Make them run over the stones, through the jungle,

reach the distance and witness the wonderful scenery




Life and Far Away

Leave the tenderness to the family

At home, they are the backing to support the family

Last moment, they were still galloping wildly

In the next moment, they can rush home to pick up the children

They always keep their family's place in their hearts

The sturdy chassis carries their distance and family




Life and Far Away

The balance of two-sided life

Two gestures of fortitude and softness

Contradictory and harmonious

Appeared on these tough guys

This has to be attributed to Comforser tires


Using full performance

To unify different postures




Life and Far Away

■Comforser CF3000■

Unique shoulder pad design

While protecting the rims and side tires

Enhance traction in muddy and snow conditions

Impeccable off-road performance

Tread single guide block “人”

Increase traction on muddy roads

Achieve the perfect balance of drainage and mud discharge

So that you can stay steady and rush fast

Strong carcass design

Cured tire body protection

Double the control and passability

Make every journey more calm and comfortable

They can always grow in fight

Until it breaks all the obstacles ahead

However, Comforser tires

Is a solid supporter at their feet

Do not miss every scenery

Comforser tires -- Tribute to every off-road enthusiast!