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2021 All In Tuning (AIT) exhibition Comforser, sharing the best ‘arms’

post in 10/29/2021


Every off-road vehicle owner have a passion for tuning, eventually, therein, tire refit is essential project.

Off-roader tuning have been super popular in recent years , 2021 AIT exhibition, brand new tuning Lynk&Co 01X got large attention, built with Comforser tire, world-class tire craftsmanship and outstanding performance. Please enjoy its excellent detail.

Lynk&Co 01X, boldly tune designed , each and every detail express its powerful and supreme quality. X means more possibilities, more unknown to be explored . 


Comforser CF1100

3D Pattern all-terrain tire


To be top of all-terrain tire, Comforser CF1100 A/T built in Lynk&Co 01X , soft-rubber method, effectively increase cut-resistance and puncture resistance, highly improve abrasion performance. 

Meanwhile, unique 3D tread design, provide perfect traction ability under various road condition, and flexible braking and steering experience.  

Further more, shock absorption designed improve tread contact area and pressure distribute, lower the vibration level from uneven abrasion, achieve well damping and buffering effect. It might be the secret of being ‘ tough’ , always deliver powerful off-road capability. 

Wildness exterior, is what many off-road enthusiast pursuing for. CF1100, dazzling raised full white letter on sidewall, vividly liberate the soul of Lynk&Co 01X. Such sparkling off-road tuning vehicle, with CF1100 customized tread pattern and special exterior, its combat effectiveness level have been perfectly upgraded. 




2021 AIT exhibition, we were so grateful to be there, Comforser tire got lots of attention. In the days to come , improving tire performance will be our priority. We’re very excited and looking forward to meet you next year. Whenever you plan to upgrade beloved vehicle, Comforser will always provide best offer.  See you next year!