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Some of the knowledge you need to know about tyre maintenance in the autumn

post in 10/15/2021

 Although the hot weather goes on

From the perspective of solar terms,

After Chinese solar terms “the Beginning of Autumn”, the real autumn comes

Our tyres do need special care

Due to seasonal changes

Here we are going to introduce

Some common sense of the maintenance of tyres in autumn

No.1 Pay attention to the tyre pressure

Tyres are extremely important for the safety of driving.

Due to temperature changes in summer and autumn

The working environment of tyres has changed greatly

It’s necessary to check your tyres carefully before the autumn

To cope with the high temperature in summer

Normally we can reduce a lilttle of tyre pressure to prevent flat tyre

And the tire pressure should be properly replenished in autumn.

To keep it within a specified pressure range.

Attention should also be paid to checking the tires for small scratches.

No.2 Prevent tyre burst

Many people think that

There will be no tire burst in autumn.

In fact, there will be a risk of tyre burst

If the tyres are used improperly in autumn

The weather is getting colder in autumn.

Rubber stuff will become stiff.

Tires will also become harder than in summer.

Even though many cars are equipped with AT tires.

The cold road will also test the grip level of tyre.

No.3 Periodic rotation of tyres will result in longer tyre life

Because the working conditions and loads of each tire are different.

The load of driving wheels is greater than that of non-driving wheels.

Additionaly, the load of the right wheel will be greater than the left wheel.

So after the car has been driving for a while

The degree of tire wear varies in different parts

Therefore,regular replacement is very important.

No.4 Tyre replacement

Many people like to replace their tyres with wider ones with lower flat rate.

Wider tyres do provide greater grip under normal conditions

Which makes the car handling performance better

But under cold and slippery driving environment

It relies on the pattern to creat more friction

At this time narrow tyres are better than wide tyres

More attention should be paid to tread pattern wear

For those car ownes who drive in cold conditions

If the tire is worn to the tread groove depth, only 1.6 mm is left.

(At this time, the wear mark rubber strip will be exposed)

At this point the tyre must be replaced

Otherwise the car is easily to skid

So when you need to replace your tyres

It’s better to go to the nearest 4S shop and ask professionals to replace it for you

At the same time, carry out regular maintenance of the car in alternating seasons

So that the car will not be in trouble when autumn comes