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A guid for identifying genuine and fake tyres,pls check

post in 09/30/2021

The car takes you cross over the cities and the sea of people,

Hills and fields,

Feel the freedom like the wind,

Relying on the most solid support---tires.

The dazzling tire market,

How to choose and buy quality tires for your car?

Three types of tires problems that often appear on the market

◾ Renovation tires

1.There are glue bonding marks at the juntion of the tire tread and sidewall,outofflatness;there are knife marks on the tire draining grooves and tire pattern,uneveness.

2.The production date of the tyre is obviously re-attached and is easy to be digged out by hands.

3.The colour of the renovation tires is bright,shiny,lanugo,shallow grooves.

Milling number tyres

1.the brand label is different from tyres sizes.

2.The white bar code numbers on the outside position of the salable product tyre bead fabric are not clear or the bar code is scrapped off.

Stock tyres the block of the tyre pattern,the tyres stored for too long time,the tyre tread will be harder and have low rubber elasticity.

2.Throw the tyre to the ground,the tyre carcass will become brittle and make a bang sound.

3.From the tyre sidewall watch the tyre production date,the last 4 digits starting with DOT are the production date,if the tyre production date is more than 2 years,if the date is longer,the tyres are not retreaded but also stock tyres.

How to identify genuine tyres and fake tyres?

 Whether the brand label is whole

The genuine tyre brand lable are complete,the brand label is consistent with the tyre sizes.At the same time,check whether the label has been altered or damaged.



 ◾Observing whether the tyre has lanugo.

Lanugo is left in the tyre production process,it evenly distributed on the tyre surface,pulling it has certain degree of elasticity.

 ◾Production date and bar code

The founded 4 digits starting with the DOT is the production date,the first two digits of the four-digit number represent the week number,and the last two digits represent the year of production.

There is white bar bead on the outside of tyre bead fabric,they are clear and unaltered.If the bar code is not found on the tyre bead,it should not be the genuine tyres,should avoid to purchase this kind of tyres.

How to buy COMFORSER brand genuine tyres?

The online purchasing channel:

First way:Taobao official store---COMFORSER brand tyres factory shop

Second way:taobao stores with the official brand authorization.

Offline purchase channels:

Retail stores authorized by official brands



On buying pls look for a brand authorized service provide to buy,our company doesn’t provide after sales service for any products purchased from non-brand certified stores and informal channels.