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Contemporary youth decompression Guide

post in 08/31/2021

Living in reinforced concrete

trivial things emerge one after another

Increasingly intense internal competition

Unavoidable "996" working system

There is no easy word in the world of adult years

Overwhelmed by the tedious routine

These tips can save you from stress

Method 1: cute pets

Tease cats and dogs, 

Turn trouble lovely

Dogs shake their tails, cats kick their claws

When you are in a bad mood, just tease the cat and the dog

Experiments show that teasing cats and dogs can reduce cortisol

Within ten minutes, the pressure will all become lovely



Method 2: exercise

Sweat during exercise and gain a good figure unexpectedly

When you're in a bad mood, go running, swimming, playing ball games

Sweaty sports are all welcome

The caffeine hormone produced after exercise will certainly make you physically and mentally joyful

You may also accidentally gain a hot body and healthy physique



Another method


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