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Unbridled summer vacation, COMFORSER accompanies you for a summer!

post in 07/16/2021

Give kids a world,

It is better to take the children to see the world.

Take advantage of the summer vacation and take the kids on the journey

Start a surprise journey

Perceive the beauty of mountains and rivers in the world

Let children understand how big the world is, let them learn to accept the difference

Grow into a better self


Go south, have fun at the beach

Coconut fragrance accompanied by sea breeze, looking for a tranquility


Drive over the wooden plank road by the sea, towards the white sand beach

Blowing moist sea breeze

Feel the vast blue sea

Enjoy the romance of the sunset as the sun sets

Or drink a glass of iced soda in the sea breeze

This is the right way to play on the seaside!


Go north, gallop across the grassland

Green sky and endless grassland


Drive over the gravel road of the ravine and head towards the depths of nature

Picturesque all the way

When the sunset glows red, the sky is reflected on the lake

The mountains and the lake echo each other

The extreme beauty of nature

Enjoy the fun time brought by self-driving

Sigh with the family for the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature


Seeking East, Misty Rain Jiangnan

Ripe plum, pink fragrant grass


Driving through the winding roads, heading to the ancient town of ink and wash

Ancient town in the mist and rain in the south of the Yangtze River

There is always the magic to take people through thousands of years

The gurgling water, the sound of oars

Look down at a water village with black walls and white walls

Feel the heritage of the years and the incense of culture with your family


Explore west, brave into the northwest

Solitary smoke in the desert, bravely breaking into the secret realm


Drive over the elevated city, towards the heart away from the hustle and bustle

Life in the city

Surrounded by reinforced concrete

Occasionally drove at night on the elevated city

Open the car window

Forget the three-point line of life

Leave all anxiety behind


On the way

Unpredictable road conditions

Does it cause travel troubles for your family?

Stay calm

COMFORSER tires take you north and south without fear of rainy or sunny

Cross the flat and rugged, face all road conditions

Zigzag sipes on the tread and grooves silence design

Let you drive quietly and pleasantly

High-strength tread and comfortable cushioning formula

Strengthen the pattern while being strong and wear-resistant

Adapt to all-round road conditions

Bringing a safe, comfortable and pleasant driving experience for children

Guardian childlike innocence, enjoy unfettered parent-child time