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With great cause in mind, it’s a hundred years of glory

post in 07/09/2021



Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Founding of The Communist Party of China

The long river of years calmly marches towards 2021

The clarion horn of the new era leads us to the Chinese dream

The Five-Starred Red Flag is rising, which reminds us of the beloved Communist Party of China, as well as the Mother who raised Chinese nation

100 years of trials and hardships

100 years of hard work

100 years of extraordinary journey

100 years of golden glory

Today, the Five-Stared Red Flag has long been flying over Antarctica

Chinese naval fleet is sailing freely in the Pacific Ocean

The launch of Shenzhou series spacecraft rushed into space with a strong momentum

Crossing the history of the river of flesh and blood

After the baptism of construction and reform

The Great Mother -- the Communist Party of China ushered in her 100th birthday

Recalling a century of development history

1921The birth of the Communist Party of China

1927 Nanchang Uprising

1928Join forces in Jinggangshan

1936 Victory of Long March

1945 Victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan

1949 The founding of the People's Republic of China

1953 Victory in the War to Resist US aggression and aid Korea

1957 The first five year plan overfulfilled

1964 Successful test of the first atomic bomb explosion

1970 Dongfanghong-1 satellite successfully launched

1971 China resumed its legal seat in the UN

1978 The Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee held

1980 Establishment of Special Economic Zone

1997 Hong Kong's return to China

1999 Macao's return to China

2001 China’s Entry into the WTO

2008 Beijing Olympic Games successfully held

2010 China's GDP surpassed Japan for the first time and became the second largest economy in the world

2012 The 18th CPC National Congress held in Beijing

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