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Measure the world with wheels and drive you across the skyline

post in 07/02/2021



There is a saying in the North Island:

“A man’s world is as far as he goes.”

How much closer between

You and the whole world

Felt Paris at night, walked through Beijing at snowy day

Visited all over the world, but still can’t define the meaning of travel

// // //


For "tour" and "travel"

There doesn't seem to be a clear limit

But in the view of Comforser

Tour is from a place where you are tired of

To another place where others are tired of.

Travel is to experience a more meaningful life

Break the same old thing and add a little chance to life

The most picturesque scenery is always in the unreached distance


Make the travel meaningful

Two or three people and one car

With wildest nature to measure the ground under your feet

Even if there are many hardships and difficulties along the road

We still can move forward fearlessly

What happend and gained along the road

Will become a lifelong footprint


Break free of the shackles of the heart

The wheel of conquering is always passionate

Equipped with Comforser CF3000 MT tires

Rigid tire shoulders with shock and compression resistance against all road conditions

Uni-directional special deep groove tread design owns the ability to drainage water and mud

Strong power defies all dangers


Enjoy the exciting journey

Keep perseverance and self-confidence

And will be able to reap a colorful mark in your life

CF3000 has excellent performance in mountain roads and other harsh conditions

Let you drive as comfortable as floating clouds and flowing water

Just enjoy the joyous journey


Regardless of busy city street

Or rugged country road

Regardless of family vacation or off-road driving

Comforser dedicate in connecting car and life

Would like to accompany you through the mountains, rivers and seas

And willing watch the shining stars with you

// // //


Conquer all difficulties and obstacles in the journey

Experience driving with confidence cross mountains and rivers

Follow Comforser’s footsteps

Let’s start now