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Why off-road is fascinating?

post in 11/23/2020


Off-road is a dream to interpret freedom

Dreaming of climbing over every mountain

Every mountains climbed, every rivers crossed

All to explore the next mountain and river

Witness the next beautiful scenery        

Dreaming of crossing every desert

Every blowing sand

All wait for your coming

Let the passion prevail over the endless desert

Dreaming of riding on every coast

Looking out at the sea

Appreciate the beauty of the sea and sky

Facing the Ocean, Feeling the opening Flowers



Off-road is a challenge that never stops

If the pursuit of freedom is an instinct of human beings


Will be the most reliable weapon

On the way full of thorns


If keeping exploring is a nature of humanbeings


Will be the most correct key

To release the passion in the magic box


Let off-road

Back to the beginning

Believe in that the modification will beaccepted by the most of public one day

Every piece of land will be worth conquering and crossing again

The throbbing heart will get greater pleasure


I firmly believe that off-roading is always for

Meet the purest and beautiful expectations

To explore, to conquer

To find yourself

Off-road fascinating

Believe in the dream of off-roaders,unparalleled

COMFORSER tires will always accompany you

Step into the next frontier

Unleash the endless wildness in your heart