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After the CF3000 is modified, how wild it can be?

post in 09/27/2020

After picking upthe car and running for more than 1,000 kilometers, I wanted to change the original tire! Although the tires of Sailun 215/80/16(AT) were provided by BAICMOTOR, they are still a bit small, the car looks thin, cheap and not powerful enough! So I wanted to change it decisively, but i was a bit entangled with what's the size of the tire. After thinking it over, I chose the Comforser CF3000 matching with the original wheels!


Unexpectedly, one time when I went out to play, I found that there was a little lining on the rear wheel in the extreme off-road,and I cut the fender when I came back! After cutting the fenders, the tires looked small again, but I didn't want to change the hubs, so I chose to add flanges and use the original hubs for negative effects! After a while, I still feel that the tires are a bit small.

Then i ordered Comforser CF3000 tires and negative plating hubs immediately! The wheel parameters are 10J and ET is 38. After in stallation, the effect is notonly improved by a level, so cool! Although changing the tires and hubs this time has taken a little detour, it is not expensive! I write this article and hope that in the future, car friends will think more before changing anything.Some money should be saved, but some money will never be saved!

Okay, stop talkingnonsense and share the effect with you as below picture:


Comparison of original tires Sailun215/80/16(AT) tires and Comforser245/75/16(MT)tires



The right is installed and let’s look at the comparison with the original tire~


The new tire is three centimeters larger than the original tire in diameter


This is the effect of a new tire with a Warriors rearview mirror, and it feels different immediately, not so thin.