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BAIC BK212 modification, powerful and striking!

post in 07/20/2020

As older SUV, BAIC BJ212 is owned by more and more off-road fans, because of the starting price of 60K YUAN, even without the performance of wrangler. Now, let me show you the example of BAIC BJ 212 modification.


It is taken beforere fitting.


It is taken after refitting. Theowner changed the tires, wheels, 2.5in higher, headlamps, fog lights, overhead lights, power seats. The overall effects is quite striking. It also looks more glorious.


The new tire is Comforser CF3000 LT265/75R16.

Comforser tire follows the request of reliable quality, high driving performance and safety capacity.  It givens more accurate handling.


After refitting, the tire will beover 4cm-5cm out of the SUV body. It looks more cross-country power.


To see the scenery in the distance

To feel more amazing speed

To listen more soul waves

Even you just stand by the road quietly

Look every ray of light on the car

Touch everylines

This is modification.