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Comforser also setted up a stall

post in 07/03/2020


It has always been cute, mischievous, andinteresting; also wild and fashionable; it also combines excellent performance;under the cute appearance, there is a passion for driving-it is BMW MINI.


In the BMW MINI retro market in Qingdao,Comaus tires made a wonderful appearance, guiding the trend and attracting everyone to stop to see.

Quickly click on the video to enjoy, take you immersive and feel the atmosphere of the scene.

The azure blue Comas logo and promotional materials echo the blue sea and the blue sky. The eye-catching posters and stalls are full of people. The three cool tires attracted the MINI owners and participants.




The three tire models in this exhibitionare CF3000 F2, CF1100 and CF710.

Comas tires, let you feel the fun ofcontrolling the car. The scenery outside the window gives you a panoramic view,overcomes all difficulties and enjoys the ultimate driving experience.




The on-site activities are even moresplendid, with a wide variety of commodities, exquisite accessories, beautiful scrolls, delicious drinks, fashionable bags and clothes, exquisite blankets...



The stall economy has made the city more human, and Comaus tires have responded to the "land stall economy",igniting a different brand "fireworks".


Comforser Tire is widely recognized as aprofessional off-road, competition, and refit brand in China; I believe that Comforser will rely on the spirit of passing off-road culture, the relentless pursuit of innovation, and its own ultra-quiet, strong grip, etc., will becomea famous tire brand that is always favored by consumers.