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Modified Wrangler Sahara, as the new one with nine years old !

post in 12/19/2019

There is no end to the modification, it makes me happy,

Let me feel that I have a personality,

Holding the steering wheel, this small space belongs tomy world.”

This Wrangler is the 2008 Shahara with 2 doors.It is already 9 years old till now. The owner get it as the second-hand car.Modified car bloggers have changed the carby Comforser tire. 

Tire: Comforser brand CF3000

The Jeep’s wrangler has an advanced all-wheel-drive operating system.Even we do not say much, believe that you can also know it. People who loveoff-road will know its existence.

After modified with Comforser tires, you will have the best off-road driving experience, with easy handling on slippery or soft surfaces such as ice, gravel or rock.

One of my friends said the Comforser tire is good, so I choose Comforser tire CF3000 without hesitation. I install on my car, there is very low noise, and very good. 

Usually, I have higher request on the noise performance. Comforser tire does it very well. It is higher cost performance, the cross-country ability is also strong. No matter what kind of roads can not stop the pace of progress. I went out to try, then feel very awesome, very domineering!

Pick a sunnyday

Drive a self-modifiedcar
Wipe the soul which is in the dusty city
Remove the thick camouflage and guard
Embrace the world with your heart