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post in 05/16/2019

From 6th to 19th of April, Milanda and Nancy of the European team visited Eastern and Southern Europe as well as the Spain markets, include mainly countries Lithuanian,Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia and Spain, it’s total of sevencountries. 10 customers, including 4 old partners, 6 new customers, after aperiod of development, the Eastern and Southern European markets knows well about our brands, and much appreciate for the cooperation of the old partners, who do a lot of brand promotions in the local markets, todrive the surrounding markets very well.



After this visit, we gains a lot

Old partners: Consolidate the cooperationwith old customers, be able to understand the current situation of our products with partners in the markets by face to face, to solve the problems that need to be improved, and collect the latest developments in some markets, with a new orientation and development direction for our products, then find some practical ways to help customers better promotion in these markets.



New customers: Under the leadership of other surrounding mature markets, the new customers are relatively easy to accept our brands. With this meeting, we can deeply understand the situation of the companies of both parties, and then choose the customers suitable for our brand, so as to confirm the final cooperation intention with them.