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Are you ready for this off-road racing?

post in 08/01/2019

This is an off-road racing in Colombia

to show Comforser brand 

There is a spirit in off-road driving

started for fun and ended with beauty

Off-road racing gives you another kind of life

where you can find a new wonderful world

Below the clear and boundless sky, the exciting racing begins.

A real good off-road tire is not only an agressive appearance. The reason why Comforser is the best choice for off-road tire, is because Comforser greatly improved its driving force and handling performance. 

Comforser off-road tires also enable people to enjoy their cross-country travels. 

Smiling faces in the racing event.

It's a spirit of challenging all difficulties, a determination to go beyond oneself, a courage to keep moving, and a devotion to off-road life. 

Off-road driving, is not only about challenge. It's turning into a way of life. Comforser would like to be the disseminator of off-road culture, and always be together with off-road lovers.