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2018 Alxa FB-Festival

post in 10/18/2018

During the past few days in Alxa, racers galloped over the battlefield, enjoying drinking and talking. They are the real hero in the desert. 
Organized by Comforser Tire agent in Shanxi, Comforser off-road team set off to Alxa. They prepared food, packed their luggages, filled their trunks, and drove into the blue sky and yellow sands.
They set out from 8pm, driving forward in darkness and arriving with the rising sun. Along the road were fabulous scenery. Everyone was shocked by the magnificent beauty in our West.            

This year's festival has improved service facilities. The battlefield are divided into Professional competition area and amateur area. There are mongolian yurt in uniformity inside the park, and racers camps outside the park.
Hundreds of flags of each team floated up. Among them the most prominent one is Comforser flag.     

In the race, the driver can meet troubles from time to time, like sticking into the mud. But all other drivers will take out their tools and help him out. At that moment, they are not strangers or competitors, but brothers.
It is this esprit de corps that help them complete each challenge.  
 Sleepless City in Desert


FB-Festival is an event for challengers, and also an event for modifications.
Comforser tires can be seen everywhere in the battlefield. After our survey, we find two main reasons for choosing Comforser. One is its good performance in gripping and silence. The other is its gorgeous apperance after modification.  


Cheers of fans prevade in the flying sands.
Every final sprint can stir the sands and stir the crowd.
People run and play in the desert. They found the long lost happiness here.
This is a happy family union.
Every racer is the hero.
The mighty troops started their return trip.
We keep on moving on the road of growth. Thanks to off-road racing, we harvested abundant happiness, and met our lifelong brothers.
Share the wonderful moment together. Leave no regrets for life!