Roadcruza will be committed to producing the ultimate type of modified tires to meet drivers’ demand for unique tire style, spread right modification culture, advocate civilized driving and guide young people to own a correct understanding for modification culture. Meanwhile, it will also be committed to establishing a good atmosphere and culture for modification culture, assisting the young modified market, promoting the development of car culture to realize the change from a big country to a powerful country inautomobile industry.

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Meet consumers’ pursuit of personalized modification


Each car has its unique tire style

Brand positioning
Ultimate type of modified tires

The cross-country spirit for Roadcruza is to experience the green and get out into the natural world. It pursues the physical and mental release which makes a health condition for both body and mind.

Refit is a need to meet individual demand which encourages to create and take unique way.

Explore is to seek for genuine knowledge by practices. It encourages to gain knowledge in different fields.

The core and essence of Roadcruza is to explore the unknown and create an unique way.