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Expert introduction


Relevant working experiences :

UCHI worked in Greece for six years,Germany work for three years and the United States for four years.

In 1960, he joined in the SUMITOMO tire company of SUMITOMO group. And then with the SUMITOMO group acquired DUNLOP tyre company, he has been responsible for the DUNLOP 's product formula, quality control, technology research and development work.

After exit from the DUNLOP company in 2000, he worked in STANFORD company in Singapore for three years, responsible for TBR, PCR products research and development and quality control, and then worked for firve years in dubai. After adding to Yinbao group in 2009, hehas been in the core position of product research and development until now.

Technical concept :

Over the years, I've always adhere to the "product research and development is the lifeblood of enterprises, the only constant innovation and surpassing can make enterprise sustainable develop!"